Be there for your patients digitally and personally – With OnlineDoctor you have control over when to issue an e-prescription!

Your advantages at a glance

Simple and quick to use

Compatible throughout Switzerland


Process cases completely digitally

What is new about it?

No medical data is stored centrally by external partners. The prescriptions are easy to check, less prone to errors, forgery-proof and copy-protected.

Patients can save the e-prescription on their smartphone or print it out for themselves. This gives them full control over their data and they can fill the prescription when and where they want, even virtually at a pharmacy with a delivery service or at a mail-order pharmacy.

There is no need to sign the prescription by hand and no unnecessary trips within the practice to get the doctor’s signature on the prescription. In this way, administrative processes can be facilitated and the prescription process made more efficient.

To create an e-prescription

Start a case

You process the case as usual. Should you wish to issue a prescription, you can create and sign the e-prescription in the last step. This includes entering the medicine, dosage and instructions for use.

Authentication via HIN

For authentication and electronic signing, a one-time registration with HIN is necessary. The corresponding window opens automatically. You will then be taken directly back to OnlineDoctor and can close the case there.

E-prescription transmission

The patient receives the e-prescription issued and signed by you directly with the recommended course of action and can redeem it as a QR code. The pharmacy reads the e-prescription and the information can be transferred to the pharmacy software.

A joint project by

“I can now initiate therapy immediately. My patients no longer have to come to the practice in person or wait for days in the post to receive their prescriptions. In the pilot phase, we can now see under controlled conditions how the e-prescription is accepted in everyday medical practice, in the pharmacy and by patients.”

Dr. Paul Scheidegger, dermatologist from Brugg

Secure digital transmission of prescriptions

No additional costs

Anytime and from anywhere

Questions and answers about the e-prescription