How to offer treatments online!

With OnlineDoctor you consult new and existing patients digitally – based on information and three images of the skin problem. This allows you to integrate online treatments into your work quickly and flexibly!

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Thank you very much for your interest!
For the registration and the creation of your individual profile we need from you (in case of joint practices, from everyone who wants to participate)

  • an IBAN
  • the LANR and BSNR
  • a copy of your specialist certificate
  • a copy of your identity card as a jpeg (in colour)
  • a mobile phone number

In addition, a frontal, sharp and high-resolution portrait photo in a white top is required (the photo can be taken with a smartphone).

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We will of course explain how to use the service to you personally in the next step. Book your personal introductory talk here. The appointment lasts about 30 minutes and takes place digitally via Microsoft Teams. The link to participate will be sent to you automatically by Calendly via email.

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Why OnlineDoctor?

The teledermatology platform developed in Switzerland was specifically designed for the needs of dermatologists from the medical centre. It allows you to use online treatments for different areas of application according to your needs. Currently, 25 percent of all dermatologists are already actively using the tool in their daily medical practice.

Triage tool

You or your staff decide which patients should be called into the practice.

Optimal training and relief of the practice through digital triage

Not every dermatological problem needs to be seen on site:

  • By making an enquiry via OnlineDoctor, you can assess for yourself how urgent it is to make an appointment with you. 
  • With this procedure you relieve your practice, as you allocate your free appointments to “urgent” patients. 
  • Important: Your MFAs should be in the loop. 

“The advantages are immense, finally there are orderly conditions. Through Corona, patients cannot be let into the practice unchecked. It looks at what is important and what needs to be treated at all – not everything has to be looked at on the spot.”

Dr. Matthias Hoffmann, Witten

Practice management

You process the digital cases within 48 hours, exactly when it fits best into your practice processes.

Involve your MFAs and reach more patients!

Practice staff

  • should be fully informed about the offer,
  • should (be able to) triage cases,
  • can manage the flow of patients through efficient management in the initial interview with patients

Goal: Make the “right” people aware of the offer.

“The aides are instructed – it is standard – that [teledermatology] is offered by us and many accept it. The willingness and feedback on this has increased a lot.”

Dr. Simone Kögel, Schwaikheim

Follow-up visits

With the OnlineDoctor tool, you can conveniently offer follow-up appointments and progress checks online.

Relieve the burden on the practice and increase patient satisfaction

With OnlineDoctor, progress controls can be mapped digitally:

  • Check-ups, e.g. for wound checks or operations
  • Persons who frequently present in the quarter, e.g. in the case of chronic diseases or system therapies

Referral management

Personal support can be combined efficiently and individually with digital support.

Inform pharmacies and referring doctors

Inform your network, e.g. the family pharmacy, general practitioners and paediatricians, in order to optimally integrate their offer into your daily work.

“The paediatricians know about it and give the OnlineDoctor flyer directly to their patients. That’s also how the enquiries come in.”

Dr. Simone Kögel, Schwaikheim

Digital presence

Increase the visibility of your service in the digital space and establish yourself as a modern practice with online treatments

Digitally inform your patients

Dermatologists can use their OnlineDoctor profile to present themselves digitally. Information on specialities and an overview of services is important information when choosing a dermatologist.

  • Highlight your focus and expertise to help patients learn more about you and your practice.
  • Addressing patients personally and introducing yourself are the first steps to getting to know each other in the digital space and building trust.

“Telemedicine is the future. It’s nice that the benefits are now so clearly in focus. I particularly enjoy this work.”

Dr. Andreas Wiechert, Hannover

Use according to demand

A tool from the medical centre that adapts perfectly to your everyday work

Just as you need it, exactly as you want to use it!

Manage the composition and development of your patient base actively and individually with OnlineDoctor, for example.

  • Young active patients or patients with digital affinity
  • People with specific skin diseases (e.g. psoriasis, atopic dermatitis)

​”I only re-admit patients if I have seen them before via OnlineDoctor. I prefer to work with patients whose health is worth something to them.”

– Dr. Joachim LöchnerWirges

Your advantages with OnlineDoctor

✓ Uncomplicated billing

✓ Absence can be planned

✓ Personal support

✓ No running costs

✓ Protected casework

✓ Intuitive handling

Dermatologin Dr. Bettina Töndury-Wirz

With OnlineDoctor, we can offer patients a quick and satisfactory alternative when appointments are tight. The additional digital offer inspires us and our patients.

Dr. med. Bettina Töndury-Wirz
Dermatologin in Zug

Using OnlineDoctor is very intuitive and efficient. The digital triage allows me to optimally plan my resources according to urgency.

Dr. med. Jean-Philippe Görög​
Dermatologe in Bern

Dermatologe Dr. Jean-Philippe Görög

Do you have any questions?

OnlineDoctor is a teledermatology platform for online treatments that has been specially developed to meet the needs of specialists. People with a skin problem can choose a specialist in skin and sexually transmitted diseases regardless of their location. Within 48 hours, they receive a specialist diagnosis and recommendations for action based on images sent in and other information provided in an interactive chat assistant.

For registration and the creation of an individual profile on onlinedoctor.ch, OnlineDoctor requires (in the case of group practices, from everyone who wishes to participate)

  • an IBAN:
  • the LANR and BSNR:
  • a copy of the specialist’s certificate
  • a copy of the identity card as jpeg (in colour)
  • a mobile phone number:

In addition, a frontal, sharp and high-resolution portrait photo in a white top is required (The photo can be taken with a smartphone).

The OnlineDoctor teledermatology service is a self-pay service.

No, passing the specialist examination is mandatory for quality assurance.

How OnlineDoctor works