How it works

Visits to the doctor are often associated with long waiting times or long journeys. With OnlineDoctor, you receive a specialist diagnosis and recommended course of action from a dermatologist of your choice within a few hours.

How it works

Security of your data

The security of your data is our highest priority. In order for us to ensure that your inquiry and the associated data are only accessible to you, we ask you to verify your mobile phone number in the first step.

Select a Doctor

You decide who should look at your skin problem online. Select the dermatologist you want.

Describe symptoms and upload photos of the skin problem

Describe your skin problem using our intelligent chat assistant and take a photo of the affected area. The information is very important for dermatologists.

Receive your diagnosis

Within a short time, you will receive our specialist assessment and a concrete recommendation on what you can do about your skin problem.

OnlineDoctor is a labelled Class I medical device for the European Economic Area.

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Why OnlineDoctor?

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Diagnosis in a few hours

You submit your inquiry and receive a specialist diagnosis with individual therapy recommendations within a very short time (maximum 48 hours).


Anytime & anywhere

No matter whether you are on holiday or at home on a Saturday evening: Our skin check is available to you anywhere and at any time of day.

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> 150 dermatologists in Switzerland

Whether it’s a practice near you or a dermatologist with a particular speciality – you always decide who will examine your skin problem.


Discounted conditions with many insurance companies

The largest health insurance companies in Switzerland support the service of OnlineDoctor and offer exclusive discounts for their policyholders. You can find out more about this in our FAQs.

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Fast appointment in the practice

If medically necessary, you will receive an appointment within 5 days on average.


Labelled medical device

Our service is subject to strict quality and safety requirements. We are thus committed to maintaining the highest standards as the only provider.

Our medical network

At OnlineDoctor you can choose between 150 dermatologists in Switzerland. Simply click on the maps and find a specialist near you. This way you can quickly and easily have your skin problem clarified online by a local practice.

Why is online consultation important?

Nowadays, there is a shortage of specialists in many medical fields – including dermatology. An appointment at a dermatologist’s office often has to be made months in advance and long waiting times are the rule rather than the exception in the practices. For residents of rural areas, there are also long distances to travel.

From the time the skin condition is discovered until the appointment with the specialist, symptoms can worsen significantly and a problem that is easy to treat can develop into a permanent condition. On the other hand, a personal consultation is not necessary for many skin problems. An examination of the affected area is often sufficient to make an assessment of the skin problem and recommend a course of action.

The internet makes our everyday lives easier in many ways, and of course it does not stop at the health sector. OnlineDoctor offers a flexible and promising solution for skin treatment. You consult your dermatologist online and can therefore make your request whenever you want – OnlineDoctor is open for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Worried about a skin problem? What are you waiting for? Consult a dermatologist online now!

Schweizer Hautarztpraxen mit Online-Diagnose

OnlineDoctor arbeitet mit Hautarztpraxen überall in der Schweiz zusammen. Sie können aktuell zwischen 150 Hautärztinnen und Hautärzten in der Schweiz wählen. Klicken Sie einfach auf die Karten und finden Sie eine Fachärztin/einen Facharzt in Ihrer Nähe. So können Sie schnell und einfach Ihr Hautproblem durch eine lokale Praxis online abklären lassen.