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OnlineDoctor works with 150 dermatologists in Switzerland, so there is sure to be a practice near you. All our partner doctors are licensed in Switzerland and have many years of practical experience.


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Click on our map to see the locations of our participating practices. With OnlineDoctor you can choose between 150 dermatologists in Switzerland. Find a specialist near you and have your skin problem checked out quickly and easily online by a local practice.

Dermatologin Dr. Bettina Töndury-Wirz

Dr. med. Bettina Töndury-Wirz, Zug

With OnlineDoctor, we can offer patients a quick and satisfactory alternative when appointments are tight. The additional digital offer inspires us and our patients.

Our dermatologists

Already 150 dermatologists use the OnlineDoctor telemedicine tool on a daily basis to provide fast and expert digital care to patients. Our network of doctors is trained in the assessment of skin conditions of all kinds through years of experience with skin and venereal diseases in the branch.

Dr. med. Benedict Göschke, Hautarzt aus Bern

Dr. med. Benedict Göschke

German, English

We are a practice in the heart of Bern that has been in existence since 2007 and covers the entire spectrum of our specialist field. From diagnostics to therapy and aftercare, we accompany our patients until they recover. All members of the practice team strive to provide patients with the highest level of professional care.

Dr. Sarah Norrenberg, Hautärztin aus Lausanne

Dr. med. Sarah Norrenberg

French, English

I offer medical advice in all areas of dermatology for children, adolescents and adults. Please feel free to contact me for skin diseases or contagious venereal diseases.
I look forward to answering your enquiry in OnlineDoktor. You will receive an answer from me within 48 hours.

Dr. Andreas Wiechert, Hautarzt aus Hannover

PD Dr. Andreas Arnold

German, English

We offer comprehensive care for all skin and venereal diseases as well as diseases of the oral mucosa in adults and children. I look forward to your enquiry via OnlineDoctor.

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Over 150 dermatologists are already in our network. Start a request now and choose your preferred doctor.

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Feel free to contact us and learn more about the many advantages of our teledermatology tool. OnlineDoctor was developed from the medical community – the needs and requirements of specialists were 100% taken into account during the development.