Medical Device

The OnlineDoctor skin check is a class I medical device, in accordance with Art. 5 of the Medical Devices Ordinance, in conjunction with Directive 93/42/EEC.

OnlineDoctor skin check

Version 1.0


OnlineDoctor AG provides a digital platform which allows the user to submit a medical enquiry about a specific dermatological condition, for which a fee is charged. When creating an enquiry on the platform, the user answers a series of automated questions about his/her symptoms. The specific questions asked are adapted to the user’s inputs, guided by a medical algorithm, and the patient submits photos of the affected skin areas.

A case dossier is created from this query, which is sent to a dermatology specialist (doctor) for evaluation. The doctor prepares a medical diagnosis and treatment recommendation (recommendation for action), which is sent to the user digitally, usually by email.

OnlineDoctor does NOT make any automated diagnoses for health complaints and diseases – no direct diagnosis is given. Diagnoses and therapy recommendations are only made with the involvement of a doctor, and are only presented in the corresponding recommendations for action sent to the user by the doctor. The responsibility for the diagnosis and any subsequent medical procedure lies solely with the doctor.

Consultations via the OnlineDoctor platform do not replace visits to a doctor. Medical decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment may require that the user see a doctor in person, or go directly to an emergency room.


Data collected via the OnlineDoctor platform is exclusively evaluated and checked by professional dermatologists licensed in Switzerland. The OnlineDoctor skin check does not make its own diagnosis from the data collected, nor does it submit its own diagnostic proposal to the dermatologist.

Medical consultations via the OnlineDoctor skin check are not intended to, and cannot, replace all visits to the doctor. For some symptoms and diseases, or for a meaningful diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment and therapy plan, the user may need to see a doctor in person or go directly to an emergency room. The OnlineDoctor skin check is not suitable for emergencies or urgent treatment measures. It is not intended for immediate monitoring of medical conditions or medical procedures. In such cases, please contact your dermatologist immediately



Any possible skin condition (e.g. rash).


The application is explicitly not intended to be used in case of an emergency (e.g. fast spreading infections or patients with suspected skin cancer).

Manufacturer’s information


OnlineDoctor AG, Waisenhausstrasse 15, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland

Release year: 2021