Are you worried about a skin problem?

Do you need a quick and uncomplicated clarification of your skin problem from a dermatologist of your choice? This is possible with OnlineDoctor and Groupe Mutuel! As a Groupe Mutuel-insured person, you also receive a discount of CHF 6 with the voucher code GM22.

You will receive a diagnosis and therapy recommendation in max. 48 hours.

As a Groupe Mutuel-insured person, you receive the skin check at a lower price!

Groupe Mutuel-insured persons receive the online skin check at a reduced price. With the code GM22 you will receive a discount of CHF 6. You can find more information here.

Frequently asked questions

In cooperation with Groupe Mutuel, OnlineDoctor offers you a telemedical consultation for skin problems. Over 150 dermatologists are available around the clock for an online skin check.

You can submit any type of acute skin problem. Only the assessment of moles is unfortunately not possible free of charge.

Requests via OnlineDoctor can be made using any digital device such as a smartphone, tablet or even your desktop computer and an internet connection. In any case, you will need a mobile phone, as you will receive a 6-digit SMS code with which you can unlock and download the specialist doctor’s recommendation for action. OnlineDoctor can be used via common browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari). We expressly do not recommend the use of Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, as error-free data transmission cannot always be guaranteed with these two browsers.

You can find more information about OnlineDoctor in our FAQs.

Experiences with OnlineDoctor

Super schnelle Hilfe von zu Hause aus per App. Einfach Fotos machen (in meinem Fall von einem Hautausschlag) und keine 24h später hatte ich eine Diagnose und ein Rezept für eine Salbe auf meinem Mail. Der Ausschlag war nach wenigen Tagen Anwendung der Salbe weg. Perfekt, unkompliziert, zeitsparend und viel günstiger als wegen einer Kleinigkeit zum Arzt rennen.
Michèle Seiler
16. August, 2023.
Finde ich ein gutes Angebot, auch wenn es eine richtige Konsultation nicht ersetzt.
Nathalie Branca
15. August, 2023.
unkompliziert, kompetent und sehr gut beraten, behandelt worden. Top
Raphael Hürzeler
8. August, 2023.
Démarche facile à entreprendre. La réponse du médecin a été très rapide. Pour ma part, ça a pris moins de 24h. Important lorsque vous remplissez les points, soyez le plus précis sur vos symptôme et caractéristique (âge, habitudes de vie,...) afin que le médecin puisse mieux cibler votre problème et apporter la solution la mieux adapté à cette dernière. Grave aux conseils du médecin, mon problème se guérit rapidement. Je suis satisfait et reconnaissant. Merci
Bischoff Bryan
6. August, 2023.
Einfach, effizient, tipptopp ! 👍
Eric Fragnière
30. Juli, 2023.

How it works

1. Security of your data

The security of your data is our highest priority. In order for us to ensure that your inquiry and the associated data are only accessible to you, we ask you to verify your mobile phone number in the first step.

2. Select a Doctor

You decide who should look at your skin problem online. Select the dermatologist you want.

3. Describe symptoms and upload photos of the skin problem

Describe your skin problem using our intelligent chat assistant and take a photo of the affected area. The information is very important for dermatologists.

4. Receive specialist diagnosis

Within a short time, you will receive our specialist assessment and a concrete recommendation on what you can do about your skin problem.

Why OnlineDoctor?

Uhr zeigt auf 3 Uhr

Diagnosis in a few hours


Always & everywhere available

Karikatur eines Arztes und einer Ärztin

> 150 dermatologists in Switzerland


Labelled medical device

Our medical network

At OnlineDoctor you can choose between 150 dermatologists in Switzerland. Simply click on the maps and find a specialist near you. This way you can quickly and easily have your skin problem clarified online by a local practice.