The e-prescription

Diagnosis, recommendation for action and prescription – at OnlineDoctor you can now get specialist help with skin problems from the enquiry to the medication.

Three steps to the e-prescription

Submit a request

You submit an enquiry to OnlineDoctor as usual for a skin problem and select a participating dermatologist.

E-prescription is created

If a medicine is necessary from a doctor’s point of view, the doctor creates an electronic prescription with an electronic signature – comparable to a personal signature.

Choice of pharmacy

The electronic prescription is provided with a QR code and contains exactly the same information as a common paper prescription. It is sent to you together with the diagnosis and recommended course of action. You choose which mail-order or on-site pharmacy you would like to take your prescription to. If you would like to take your prescription to another pharmacy or need a paper prescription, please contact us at support@onlinedoctor.ch.

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These doctors currently offer e-prescriptions

Paul Scheidegger
Bärbel Greve

OnlineDoctor is the first provider in Switzerland to implement the national standard for e-prescriptions in the field of dermatology. Security and a smooth process for all parties involved are the top priority!

OnlineDoctor is therefore launching the e-prescription together with selected pharmacies and doctors as part of a pilot phase. In this way, we ensure that all partners are comprehensively trained and that you can rely on a simple and problem-free process.

Frequently asked questions

Secure digital transmission of prescriptions

Free choice of pharmacy

No additional costs

Anytime and from anywhere

Your skin check is now 100% digital

OnlineDoctor is the only provider of telemedicine in the field of dermatology that can map the entire process from enquiry to prescription completely and 100% securely digitally.

With OnlineDoctor, dermatologists recommend treatment with an ointment or medication (drug therapy) in 30 percent of all cases. With the introduction of the e-prescription, it is now possible to issue digital electronic prescriptions.

This means that it is now possible to obtain a diagnosis, recommendations for action and a prescription for a skin problem via OnlineDoctor. Through this innovation, for the first time, the entire process from the request to the dermatologist to the receipt of the prescription can be done digitally.

The person who made the request can then choose a pharmacy from which to collect their medicine or choose to have everything delivered directly via a mail order pharmacy. At the start, it is possible to choose from 180 pharmacies and mail-order pharmacies that already meet the high security standards.