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OnlineDoctor works with 150 dermatologists in Switzerland, so there is sure to be a practice near you. All our partner doctors are licensed in Switzerland and have many years of practical experience.

Our dermatologists

Find a selection of over 150 residental dermatologists from our network in Switzerland.

Dr. med. Paul Scheidegger


Dr. Paul Scheidegger, Hautarzt aus Brugg

Dr. med. Simone Wienert


Dr. Simone Wienert, Hautärztin aus Bern

Prof. Dr. med. Georgios Gaitanis


Prof. Dr. Georgios Gaitanis, Hautarzt aus Biel

Dr. med. Massimo Lurati


Dr. Massimo Lurati, Hautarzt aus Lugano

Dr. med. Sarah Norrenberg


Dr. Sarah Norrenberg, Hautärztin aus Lausanne

Dr. med. Andreas Hürlimann


Dr. Andreas Hürlimann, Hautarzt aus Wetzikon

Dr. med. Daniel Zuder

St. Gallen

St. Gallen

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Frequently asked questions

We have put together the most important information for you here. If you have any further questions, you will find all the answers in the FAQs.

The one-off costs amount to CHF 55 incl. VAT. You will receive an initial specialist assessment (or second opinion) from OnlineDoctor within 48 hours, including a recommendation for action regarding your skin problem. If the dermatologist recommends an additional visit to the practice, the visit and the consultation/treatment carried out there are expressly not included in the costs.

OnlineDoctor works with the largest health insurance companies in Switzerland. If you have health insurance with one of the following insurers, you can benefit from reduced rates:

  • CSS-insured persons can take advantage of the service at reduced costs. With the code CSS49 you will receive a discount of CHF 6. If you have the supplementary outpatient insurance myFlex? Class outpatient supplementary insurance, then you can have 90% of the cost of the online skin check reimbursed by CSS.
  • SWICA policyholders also receive a CHF 6 discount with the code SWICA22
  • Sympany policyholders with supplementary outpatient insurance (plus or premium) will be reimbursed CHF 11 upon presentation of the invoice (further information can be found below in the FAQs)
  • ÖKK-insured persons also receive the online skin check at a reduced price. With the code OEKK49 you will receive a discount of CHF 6
  • Groupe Mutuel insured persons will receive a discount of CHF 6 with the voucher code GM2022

At OnlineDoctor you get professional first aid for skin problems of all kinds. Here are just a few examples:

  • Rash
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Abscesses
  • Eczema on the face
  • Acne
  • Allergic reactions
  • Venereal diseases (scabies, genital warts, chlamydia, etc.)
  • Warts
  • Age spots
  • Skin cancer
  • Fungal infections
  • Hailstones
  • Shingles
  • Insect bites
  • and much more

How it works

1. Security of your data

The security of your data is our highest priority. In order for us to ensure that your inquiry and the associated data are only accessible to you, we ask you to verify your mobile phone number in the first step.

2. Select a Doctor

You decide who should look at your skin problem online. Select the dermatologist you want.

3. Describe symptoms and upload photos of the skin problem

Describe your skin problem using our intelligent chat assistant and take a photo of the affected area. The information is very important for dermatologists.

4. Receive specialist diagnosis

Within a short time, you will receive our specialist assessment and a concrete recommendation on what you can do about your skin problem.

Experiences with OnlineDoctor

coole ersteinschätzung. und kostet fast weniger als wenn ein arzt konsultiert wird😎
janine mohamed
janine mohamed
13. April, 2024.
Rapide et efficace! MERCI!
Ilona Klausener
Ilona Klausener
8. April, 2024.
Ich habe schnell und einfach Rückmeldung von meiner ausgewählten Ärztin erhalten. Kann OnlineDoctor nur weiterempfehlen.
Corina Keller
Corina Keller
1. April, 2024.
For my psoriasis issue, I attempted to book an appointment with a dermatologist at HUG, but couldn't secure one for my urgent concern. I later visited their Wednesday clinic without an appointment, where medical students suggested a shampoo and cream, stating that it couldn't be fully treated. Dissatisfied, I searched for a private doctor online but faced long wait times. Fortunately, I found Online Doctor AG and received a prompt response within 24 hours, securing an immediate appointment and starting treatment. After a year of therapy, my skin is now psoriasis-free. Thank you, Online Doctor AG!
Thambiah Jenarth
Thambiah Jenarth
31. März, 2024.
Pratique et efficace pour avoir une réponse précise à une question dermatologique (vérification grain de beauté) par un médecin pratiquant à Lausanne au lieu d'attendre 6 mois de rdv. Réponse en 24h.
laetitia verger
laetitia verger
23. März, 2024.
Die Beratung ist kompetent und schnell.
Daniel Kaeser
Daniel Kaeser
21. März, 2024.
schnell, unkompliziert und kompetent - love it
Mike -
Mike -
15. März, 2024.